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Public Spend Forum Europe is dedicated to European public sector procurement, and aims to be a global community and knowledge network for public procurement and the public sector market. Around Europe, we are talking about well over a trillion Euros of money from taxpayers and citizens being spent by government and public sector bodies of some sort. Worth doing well, you might consider. So here is a roundup of what we were discussing this week. If you find anything interesting, please click through to the full article:

Defence Corruption - How Big a Problem Is It?

In the past five years, 44 allegations have been referred to law enforcement agencies by the UK Ministry of Defence, according to defence minister Harriett Baldwin. Four of these involved the bribing of foreign public officials. However, the MoD has not excluded any companies from bidding for contracts under procurement law, as none have been found guilty of bribery or corruption. We wonder whether we’re just not very good at finding the corruption once the allegations have been made, or actually, there isn’t a huge amount going on.

Package Bids Under the Reformed French Procurement Law: the End of a Dream?

We pleased to feature another guest article from Julien Moiroux, a procurement law specialist based in the Paris office of Simmons & Simmons. He works at the “cutting edge” of developments in France, acting for both awarding authorities and government contractors. In this article, he explores some of the issues that have been seen in France in particular, following the EU’s drive to impose the division of procurement contracts into lots.

Deloitte Grovels Before Power

Just before Christmas, the Times reported that Deloitte, the consulting and services firm, has agreed not to bid for any “government” contracts for six months. This is penance for a memo that some unnamed Deloitte consultant wrote in November (apparently for internal purposes) that got leaked to the press. Deloitte does a lot of business with government, so a six-month moratorium could cost them a lot of money, although obviously it depends on how many new contracts come up for bidding in that period. And what if Deloitte is actually the best supplier for a partial piece of work?

Contracts with Fat Leonard and Endemic Corruption in the US Navy

Following a freedom of information exercise by the Washington Post, it became clear that there has been endemic corruption within the navy and a failure to stop this even when it was reported to the authorities. Indeed, the level and scope of the corruption is such that you have to wonder whether this is an isolated case or just the tip of the iceberg. Are other suppliers also corrupting the navy contracting process?

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