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Public Spend Forum is dedicated to public sector procurement, everywhere, and aims to be a global community and knowledge network for improving public procurement and the public sector market - that's why Public Spend Forum Europe has joined them. In Europe alone, we are talking about well over a trillion Euros of money from taxpayers and citizens being spent by governments and public sector bodies. Worth doing well, you might consider.

Part of the PSF site is dedicated to Europe-related issues, and that is where you will find our articles and news stories from this week. It will require a one-off, quick registration to view them. Please join us.

Navigating the UK IT and Digital Procurement Landscape – Guidance Now Available

The UK’s Local Government Association (LGA) – a membership of councils working to influence central government on issues that matter to local authorities - has released its National Technological and Digital Procurement Category Strategy guidance. It was developed, from public sector body input and from feedback from workshops and consultation exercises, to help councils make good choices in procuring contracts for IT services. Here is an overview of what the report covers.

Public Sector Contracts Can Have a Serious Impact on a Firm's Performance

There is a perception in the UK that the big public sector providers in areas like IT and outsourced services have made excess profits. “Big suppliers rip off Government” is a general view that much of the public still hold. But when the National Audit Office looked into some of them, it found no evidence that they were making excessive returns from government work.  Indeed, we might argue that there is another emerging problem: that government work is increasingly unattractive to providers and some are entering into contracts which are having a significant effect on the value of the supplying firm (and not in a good way). Let's take a look.

Using Data To Strengthen the Integrity and Effectiveness of Public Procurement – Ideas From The Finalists (Part 3)

This is the final in our series looking at the six finalists in the Open Contracting Innovation Challenge. The competition looks for innovators who understand the transformational impact better public contracting can have on people’s lives. 88 teams from 40 countries responded to the challenge of - How would you use data to strengthen the integrity and effectiveness of public procurement? The remaining two finalists are the Sinar Project, Malaysia and OCD Lab's OCD Search, Ukraine.

In other news last week:

Greater London Authority Begins Bidding Process For New £20bn Developer Framework

Audit Finds Spending On Government Procurement Cards That Should Not Come Out Of Public Funds

Call for SMEs To Get Smart Regulations


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