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Public Spend Forum (PSF) is a public sector procurement global community and market intelligence platform dedicated to improving public procurement and the public sector market. On its website you will find articles, podcasts, opinion pieces, discussion trails and news stories. GovShop is its platform for finding and connecting suppliers with the public sector market.

Fix police procurement and you fix police tech

This guest article from Simon Hall, CEO at PoliceBox, explores how better technology throughout the police force – also known as “digital policing” – could play a big role in tackling the challenges of training frontline officers for every possible situation. This includes the broader range of services they are now expected to perform for the community. Read that here.

Using Machine Learning to rapidly identify a global ecosystem of suppliers and experts

As a global supplier intelligence and public procurement platform helping governments solve critical problems through “open government markets,” Public Spend Forum has been compiling data on over 1.6 million companies and over 180 million data points to address exactly the challenge we face today. Raj Sharma CEO of PSF and John Dickerson Assistant Professor of Computer Science, University of Maryland highlight, through an example on vaccines and therapeutics, how leaders can use this data to ensure the right suppliers and experts are selected and mobilised to address the challenges the world faces due to Covid-19. Read that here.

And in other news ...

Expediting Procurement of Needed Healthcare Services, Infrastructure, and Goods through PPPs During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Submit your application for assistance to tackle the COVID-19 Crisis through Innovation Procurement

Government Contractor Market Research Case Study: Covid-19 3D Printing

Algiers public procurement: Late payment penalties on companies suspended

Apply for the 2020 Innovation Procurement of the year award

Coronavirus Crisis: how to quickly modernize government procurement 

EU, UK Guidance on Public Procurement Rules during COVID-19

France: COVID-19: adjustment of the rules of public procurement

Romania's labour minister starts counting employees in the public sector

Online platform to match struggling UK councils with private sector

Rogue company awarded €8.7m tender

Firm gets £777,500 taxpayer funded contract to resolve Scots ferry fiasco

Bulgarian MoD signs 2.7m euro construction contract with local tie-up

Montenegro joins EU mechanisms for joint procurement of medicines and medical supplies

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