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Disaster And Emergency Part 1: Caribbean Heads Of Procurement Assemble

We are beginning a series of guest posts about the public procurement issues arising from last year’s hurricane season, as covered at the CDB (Caribbean Development Bank) and World Bank special conference. The author, Craig Brewin, is a coach and commentator on finance and procurement issues relating to the Americas and the Caribbean.” He has had a wide-ranging career in senior public procurement positions in the UK too. Each post covers varying aspects of procurement's role in disaster and emergency situations; that procurement should be at the top table and working in the field is a recurrent them, the profession having a big role to play at every stage of a disaster operation. We begin here with Part 1 - a series well worth a read.

Disaster and Emergency Part 2: Why Procurement Skills Are Important

In part two of our news series from Caribbean-based procurement professional, Craig Brewin, he examines how important procurement skills are when an agency is dealing with a disaster or major emergency. The series reflects on last year's Hurricane season and its devastating effects but has cross over to other major incidents and how Procurement should be involved at every stage. Avoiding delays in rebuilding infrastructure and speeding up the supply of essential goods and services is vital to ensure the least disruption to an already devastated community. For this reason, in the view of the Caribbean Development Bank and the World Bank, procurement needs to be at the top table in emergency planning and emergency response and involved in all key decisions.


And in other news ...

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