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Disaster And Emergency Part 3: Ensuring Good Governance

This is the third in a series of guest posts about the public procurement issues arising from last year’s hurricane season, as covered at the CDB (Caribbean Development Bank) and World Bank special conference. The author, Craig Brewin, is a coach and commentator on finance and procurement issues relating to the Americas and the Caribbean. He has had a wide-ranging career in senior public procurement positions in the UK too. Each post covers varying aspects of procurement's role in disaster and emergency situations; part three outlines the dangers of exemptions from procurement rules, and discusses how any procurement regime should be ready to deal with seasonal events, however catastrophic the potential impact may be.

Disaster And Emergency Part 4: Always Be Prepared

In part four our Caribbean guest writer discusses the need to have the procurement arrangements for dealing with disaster and recovery organised as far as possible in advance. He explains how the Humanitarian & Stabilisation Operations Team of the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) see the use of frameworks as an integral part of their approach in an emergency. The World Bank outlines lessons from their procurement experience in Kyrgyzstan where, in an emergency, frameworks are a means of truncating the procurement process, widening the supplier base, pre-vetting suppliers, ensuring suppliers are aware of requirements, mitigating against degraded products and substitution, and preparing for repeat orders.


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