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We're a bit late with our roundup this week owing to the bank holiday weekend; so our news stories go back to last week too.

New Study On Local Authorities Reporting Under The Modern Slavery Act

The Business, Human Rights and the Environment Research Group (BHRE) of Greenwich University has released the findings from its qualitative research into modern slavery statements from UK local authorities. The research studies public sector implementation of the Transparency in Supply Chains provision of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. It is not compulsory for local authorities to publish statements on compliance with MSA, but some do voluntarily. The report contains examples of good public procurement practice which is intended to help councils in combatting modern slavery issues and to encourage those local authorities which have not yet published a statement to do so.

A New Era For Big Data In Procurement: Part 2

This is the second article in a series from Bertrand Maltaverne, Part 1 can be viewed here.  The case for data in business is not a new one, nor one that needs to be much discussed. The purpose is, and always was, to collect sufficient data (and not too much, ‘infobesity’ and ‘analysis paralysis’ are well-known pitfalls in that area) to make the right choices, with the maximum number of possibilities, whilst acknowledging that decisions are a sort of bet on the future and its uncertainties. This article discusses the trade-off between the effort to collect and analyse data to build insights and make informed decisions, and the risks incomplete data represents.

And in other news ...

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