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Top Five Favorite Government Contractors From NCMA World Congress 2018

Public Spend Forum's Frank McNally recently attended the National Contract Management Association’s World Congress 2018. He was debuting GovShop, a free, browser-based search engine that helps contracting professionals find the top government contractors in the public sector. While there he took the opportunity to meet with exhibitors and learn about their new products and features to improve public procurement. Here he gives his list of his top five most impressive procurement technology companies.

Yes, Contract Spending Really Does Increase A Lot In September, USASpending Says

This was an interesting contribution this week from Steven Koprince who talks about the new analysis from, which looks at the trends, spikes and downturns in US contract awards.  He looks at the value of average weekly contract spending in the final week of the fiscal year and how it more than doubles that of the next-highest weekly average. Contractors have long known that the Government, like many of us, tends to wait until the last minute to do things, he concludes, but the analysis, looking at ten years’ worth of US government contract spending data, is fascinating reading.


And in other news ...

Virgin Care Health Services Award Sends Council Back to the Procurement Process

HS2 Beset By More Procurement Problems

Council Scraps Energy Firm Costing £2.5m of Public Money

Hungarian Hospitals and Clinics Criticised Over Lack of Procurement Process  

Malta – Five-Fold Increase in Value Original Tender  

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