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Seven US Government Technology Startups To Watch In 2019

At Public Spend Forum, we are passionate about the intersection of technology and government services because we believe in the power of civic technology to improve government programs and the lives of the citizens they serve. At our recent Procurement Technology Symposium in LA, we featured several govtechstartups that are creating positive disruption in both the procurement process and in how governments deliver services to their citizens. It got us thinking about the impact of technology on government, and motivated us to research and explore other government technology trends worth watching in 2019.

Another Look At Ukraine’s Public Procurement System

We have written a fair amount over the past few years on the Ukrainian public sector e-procurement system, ProZorro, from its inception, to its successes, to more recent controversy around its effectiveness. An article we saw recently in Wired looks at it in detail from the perspective of using technology to prevent abuses of power, and explains the story of the system’s development against the backdrop of political upheaval and lavish spending of public money.  An interesting read ...


And in other news ...

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Small Local Suppliers Workshops On Bidding For Lucrative Council Services

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