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Public Spend Forum (PSF) is a public sector procurement global community and market intelligence platform dedicated to improving public procurement and the public sector market. It tackles universal public procurement issues and on its website you will find articles, podcasts, opinion pieces, community notices, discussion trails and news stories. Some are country-specific, others global. It will require a one-off, quick registration to view them. If you feel strongly about making a difference in public sector procurement, please join us – follow the links in the summaries below. And follow us @PSpendForum to hear what we've been up to and what we've got in store.

Students Learn How To Demand Transparency In Public Procurement

A bunch of students, in Sicily, coordinated under a Transparency International project, have been learning about the role they can play in making public procurement more transparent. Why? To encourage them to be more active citizens and care about how and why people’s money is being spent. It’s a step forward for the future of decreased corruption. Read more here.

Accelerating Adoption of Technology in Government - Virtual Event

This is a virtual online event, so anyone, anywhere, can join in. As part of ProTech Innovation Labs, Public Spend Forum will bring together leading procurement technology firms, government professionals from all levels of government and experts to hold its first ever Virtual Demo Day. You can watch a short demonstrations of three different eProcurement platforms and learn about the impact they are having in helping governments deliver procurement outcomes.  There will also be an interactive discussion where you can pose questions and put the experts to the test. Our own Jason Busch (Spend Matters founder) will be on the frontline along with Raj Sharma of Public Spend Forum alongside the solution providers. Join here for 24th October.

Procurement in the City That Never Sleeps

In episode 10 of the Public Procurement Leaders podcast, Public Spend Forum talks to two leaders who have New York City on the leading edge of public procurement innovation, both in terms of their approach to supplier relationships and how they are incorporating technology into the procurement process. You can listen to the full recording here.


And in other news ...

Local Authority Surveys Local Businesses on Experience of Pitching for Public Sector Contracts

Tackling Modern Slavery in the Supply Chain - UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand offer advice

Measures To Address Late Payment Issues - Open Access Government discusses 

Guide for Overseas Companies On How To Access NHS Procurement Channels










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