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Steve's Peeve About A Common Contracting Phrase

We loved this article from Steven Kelman in which he bemoans the overuse of the adjective ‘lucrative’ in contracts, especially public sector ones. Most of us know that returns on government business are generally lower than on commercial business, he says, and that one prominent reason commercial companies, particularly smaller tech firms, give for shunning government business is that margins are so low. He believes we as a community should care about this characterisation, because words have meaning, creating certain associations or reactions. An interesting read – which you will find more of here.

A 2020 Vision For Federal Government Procurement

Public Spend Forum community member Andrew Malay presents a well thought-out and realistic view of the introduction and use of online marketplace buying in government. The gap between expectations of selection, ease of use and speed that Amazon has created, and the reality of what is actually possible in the federal government, continues to crop up – he says. We need to have realistic expectations and a clear vision of what is achievable. Federal agencies can and should be able to buy online from a wide variety of online marketplace providers including but not limited to Amazon, while still maintaining all the appropriate and necessary checks and controls. He puts the concept into context for a 2020 vision, one which could apply to almost any government, anywhere. Read his full perspective here.

And in other news ... 

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