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We're a bit light on our news stories over on PSFE this week, having been partially closed during the Easter festivities week; here are a few of the main items:

Report On Manchester Bombing Identifies Critical Supplier Failings - Lessons To Be Noted

The Kerslake Report looking into the events surrounding the Manchester Arena terrorist suicide bombing last year in the north-west of England has just been published and it analyses well this tragic event. Among other findings it is interesting to note the wider questions it raises around the ability of suppliers, that are committed to certain performance levels, to actually be able to deliver once the need arises.

UK Government Launches Commercial Career Framework Tool

The Cabinet Office’s Government Commercial Function has just published an interactive career tool to be used by Commercial professionals across government to help plan and develop their career paths; to move into careers or get onto the next level of an existing one. It's the most comprehensive tool to date and is easily navigable. It gives clear descriptions of what is involved for each role, the competencies required to perform it, how to get them and where they can lead. It also gives an indication of the levels of ‘mastery’ required for both the hard and soft skills needed and contains 'case studies' of actual people in those roles and how they progressed into them.

And in other news ...

White House: Trump Not Involved in DoD Cloud Contract

Skills Of A World-Class Public Procurement Workforce - Webinar Recording 

How Business Intelligence Solutions Can Transform Your Organisation and Improve Outcomes for Governments - New Report



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