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Global Public Procurement Conference 2018 Part 2 - Transformers

In part 2 of this three-part series, Craig Brewin, a Caribbean-based procurement professional, reports from the Global Public Procurement Conference held in Washington DC in September. He looks at some of the issues of implementation, and how, as the conference went on, you began to see how far some places are a from the machine learning, block chain driven procurement approach outlined to the delegates. Throughout the conference countries presented their transformation programme, or e-procurement system, and although excellent in many cases, they never quite reached the sci-fi approach hinted at in the first session. He discusses more here.

Global Public Procurement Conference 2018 Part 3 - The Human Touch

Craig continues with the final part of his coverage from the Global Public Procurement Conference. As the conference progreseddelegates heard less from the more developed nations and more from those in the developing regions. Alternative views of transformation were articulated from the floor. When you see the initiatives taken in each country, he says, you understand that there is a strong policy agenda behind them that has shaped the preferred solution. Each country is facing its own challenges, whether it is a developmental agenda, an efficiency agenda, or the need to restore public trust in the public procurement function. Read more here.

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