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Tips for Buying Cybersecurity Products and Services

This follows a webinar last month on Cyber Acquisitions - listen to that here. Subsequent questions were submitted about federal procurement generally and buying cybersecurity products and services , and these are answered in this post. They include: Is there such a thing as buying cyber anymore?  What do you think of Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs)? and Are there any contract types you recommend?

New Online Procurement Portal to Replace OJEU

We ran this post last month, but on two separate occasions we've been asked the same question - how will we advertise tenders post Brexit? The UK government has pledged that a replacement UK-specific e-notification service for contract opportunities will be made available (we assume from day one of exit if there is no deal). This post will guide you to the Cabinet Office guidance.

Streamlining Procurement and Delivering Value Through Procurement Technology

As part of Public Spend Forum’s ProTech Innovation Labs, it has published the next edition of its eProcurement Demo Day series. In this one Ivalua showcased how eProcurement technologies are helping contracting organisations and workforce deliver more value, streamline contracting processes, and create competition.


And in other news ...

How to Buy (and Build) Technology Using Modern Software Delivery Best Practices

NHS Workforce Shortage Announcement 

How To Win Government Contracts and Live To Tell the Tale

End of Huge Government Outsourcing Deals in Sight

Situational Awareness and Public Procurement - EC Event

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