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State of Flux SRM Report Published – and UK Government Recognises SRM Value

State of Flux has launched the latest edition of their SRM (supplier relationship management) report: Sustainable SRM – Nurturing Growth in a new Climate. Organisations are under increasing pressure to become more sustainable, and in most cases the majority of the social and environmental impact comes through suppliers.  Only by managing relationships can we improve practice through the value chain. So, if supplier relationship management is the route to more sustainable business, as well as other benefits, it is important to embed it in day-to-day business practice.  The UK Cabinet Office (the department with overall responsibility for commercial matters in central government) is funding a pilot programme across five large departments and 31 strategic suppliers, working with State of Flux. More about what they are doing here.

Promoting Economic Development Through Improved Global Public Procurement

Part of the Procurement Leaders podcast series, Promoting Economic Development Through Improved Global Public Procurement was recorded on November 20 and is now available for you to listen to. Tania Ghossein of the World Bank, has, for the past four years, led the Benchmarking Public Procurement (BPP) initiative for the World Bank. The BPP project is important work, modeled after one of the World Bank’s four flagship annual reports and focused on two thematic pillars: the procurement process and public procurement compliance review mechanisms. Specifically, the BPP presents cross-comparative data and analysis examining the legal and regulatory environments that affect global public sector markets. You can listen to that here.

And in other news ...

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Contingency Plans for Government Contractors in ‘Living Wills’ Pilot

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