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Public Spend Forum (PSF) is a public sector procurement global community and market intelligence platform dedicated to improving public procurement and the public sector market. It tackles universal public procurement issues and produces podcasts, articles, opinion pieces, community notices, and news stories, and hold regular events. To check out what we've been up to click the links below or follow us @PSpendForum

Power Your Procurement and Buying Workforce with the Right Competencies

To accelerate improved alignment with critical public procurement workforce competencies, Public Spend Forum offers a series of reports and products to assist in these efforts. These include: A free Public Procurement Competencies Report (developed with The Volcker Alliance), a Benchmarking Survey you can use to see how your organisation compares relative to others, and a half day to one day long Planning and Alignment Workshop conducted with your procurement management team, to jumpstart your efforts in aligning with the most critical public procurement competencies. Read more here.

GovShop Creates Library of Cooperative Agreements for Government Buyers 

Central and local governments use cooperative purchasing agreements to speed up procurement, leverage the buying power of government as a whole, accomplish more with fewer resources, and find the best suppliers. However, researching and finding the right coops can be challenging and time-consuming. GovShop has created an easy to search library of cooperative agreements and related suppliers so government professionals can efficiently discover the suppliers for their purchases. Mostly N American for now, but worth checking out as it's coming Europe's way. Read more here.


And in other news ...

NHS Supply Chain Tells Trusts It Must Stop Using Fax Machines

Construction firms invited to bid for £30bn Crown Commercial Service framework

Garden Bridge Aborted Project Final Public Spend Revealed

Poland – New Public Procurement Law

Public Sector Bodies Recognised For Counter-Fraud Efforts

Still Time to Enter for Procura+ Awards

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