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Public Spend Forum (PSF) is a public sector procurement global community and market intelligence platform dedicated to improving public procurement and the public sector market. It tackles universal public procurement issues and produces podcasts, articles, opinion pieces, community notices, and news stories, and holds regular events. To check out what we've been up to click the links below or follow us @PSpendForum

Measuring Public Procurement Value - Webinar

Based on Public Spend Forum’s 2-year study on the Metrics of Public Procurement, we found no consistent measurement framework exists to guide management and oversight of trillions of dollars in spending. So to address the need for a standard framework, we studied current practices and a potential path forward that could be utilised across the world. In this webinar on March 28, Raj Sharma and Ash Bedi present the results of the study and a brief introduction to the Measurement of Public Procurement Value (MPVTM) Framework. Join them as they provide details on specific metrics and how leaders should implement them. Join here

How To Find: Introduction to Professional Services 

PSF has also begun a series of short (30 minute) webinars - join us for the first in the series covering how to find professional services. In this 30-minute presentation, we cover an introduction to professional services and provide an overview of the 80k suppliers in GovShop - the platform to search, find and connect with public sector suppliers. There will also be a live demo of GovShop searching capability. Join here.

And in other news ...

Public Sector Smarter Working Awards Nominees Announced

Survey Finds Widespread Adoption of Digital Technology in Italy and European Public eProcurement

Outsourcing Playbook Published on Outsourcing Decisions and Contracting

The Court of Justice of the European Union - Three Interesting Judgements

Turnover Thresholds Too High for Small Practices to Bid for Public Work

OECD Report Highlights Ethical Risks Around Use Of Algorithms


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