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10 Tips For Women-Owned Businesses to Succeed in Government Contracting

After trying for two decades, the US federal government has finally met its goal of awarding 5 percent, or $17.8 billion, of all contracts to women-owned small businesses. With renewed momentum in supporting women-owned business in the public market, and the opportunities specifically meant for women, now is a good time for women business owners to consider entering the realm of government contracting. The process is complicated and requires determination, so we’ve compiled a list of tips on ways to improve your chances at success in this competitive field. Read more here.

A New Measurement of Public Procurement Value (MPVTM) Framework 

Based on a two-year study on the Metrics of Public Procurement, Public Spend Forum has found no consistent measurement framework for the management and oversight of trillions in public sector spending.  However, there is recognition that data and metrics-based management is essential to delivering outcomes to missions, citizens, and constituencies. To address the need for a standard framework for measuring public procurement performance, Public Spend Forum studied current practices and a potential path forward that could be utilised across the world. Public Spend Forum will present the results of its study during a webinar on March 28. And will be releasing a full report soon. Read more here.


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