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Guidelines on More Effective Meetings for Contracting Professionals

This article is a good roundup of the types of meetings contracting professionals need to use, whether for staff, customers, suppliers or contractors, or negotiation, kick-off, award and post-award, with some general tips for making each type more effective. Read in full here.

Social Value in UK Public Procurement

Peter Smith recently spent a stimulating morning at a round-table discussion with Demos, one of the more thoughtful political “think tanks” in the UK (cross-party from a political standpoint, innovative and research-driven). He explains the main topics of debate, namely public procurement and “social value,” and also asks whether public procurement is a suitable means to address the big issues of tax fairness and company tax avoidance/evasion.

And in other news ...

New Social Value Proposals for UK Gov Contracts

Businesses Must Prove Social Value to Bid

CMA Says Government Staff Need Training on Market Analysis

Another Valuable Level of Scrutiny on the Spending of Public Money

New EU Regulations for Drone Safety and Privacy

£500m NHS Cloud Procurement Framework


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