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Public Procurement Leaders Podcast - Lean and The Opportunity Costs of Inefficiency 

Harrison Smith, Deputy Chief Procurement Officer at the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS), has been a champion for change in our procurement profession for years. Here he talks to us about the changes in his professional life ("I don't write contracts anymore ... I'm helping the organization function better") and looks into the future at his new priorities, sharing how he uses Lean principles to remove efficiency and waste from the IRS procurement system. A fascinating podcast for us all and well worth a listen - here.

UK Firm Hired to Help With US Border Security

The London-based cyber security firm, iProov, has won a contract with the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for its biometric facial verification technology. It’s the first overseas company to win a contract with DHS to help tackle border security. iProov will roll out its biometric facial verification technology to help Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facilitate the entry of international visitors, while also improving self-serve processes. The goal is to accurately identify travellers as they go through U.S. airport checkpoints and other border crossings.

And in other news ...

GO Public Procurement Excellence Award Winners Announced

UK Urged To Overhaul Public Procurement To Take Advantage Of AI

Cabinet Office Awards £1.5bn Contract For Utilities Switching Services - really!

Toronto Province Eliminates Bid Submission Fees

Scotland’s Supplier Development Programme Appoints Millstream

Albanian Construction Firm Banned From Public Procurements For Falsified Documentation


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