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Public Procurement Leaders Podcast - Peter Smith

The latest episode in the Public Procurement Leaders podcast series features Peter Smith in the hot seat, questioned by Raj Sharma. He talks about the distinctions between public and private procurement and the barriers to entry for small businesses wanting to get into government contracts. But, he says: "... there’s lots of positive stuff we can do. It’s not inevitable that small firms can’t compete.”
Listen to it here 

Untold Innovation: A Few Minutes with Frank McNally

Public Spend Forum and GovShop's Frank McNally, Director of Learning & Content Development, shares how our teams are building efficiency into government procurement with search engine technology. Untold Content LLC talks to him about driving innovation through tech. His full interview and his innovation story is available online - here 


And in other news ...

Troubled Interserve Awarded £660m in Contracts Prior To Collapse

More Reciprocity Called For in European Public Sector Contracts  

Procurement Reforms Failed To Increase Contracts Going to Smaller Companies

HSJ Partnership Award Winners Announced

Green Public Procurement Training Programme in 11 European Countries

Interview With Ingrid De Doncker, Founder of Procure 2 Innovate (Ireland)

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