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Procurement Innovation – What Does It Really Mean?

We know that “Procurement Innovation” is something that is dear to the hearts of many public (and private) sector readers and indeed many working on both the buy and supply sides of the public procurement world, across many countries. But as this has become a hot topic, it has also led to some confusion. That’s because it can – and does – mean different things to different people. So this week we start an exploration of what we believe are the four interpretations within public sector procurement.

Cloud Spending Slowing For UK Gov

Open data from the UK government’s cloud computing G-Cloud digital marketplace, alongside responses to Freedom of Information requests, indicate that spending on Cloud services is slowing for certain UK government departments, agencies and local authorities. The data shows steady rises in almost every quarter until the last quarter of 2016, when £247.6m went through the framework, 52 percent more than a year previously. Then October to December 2017 saw £250.6m spent through G-Cloud, up just 1 percent year-on-year. Much cloud spending has decreased, and where spending has increased, the speed of increase has slowed.

And in other news ...

Competition For Tech Firms With Innovative Ideas To Improve Public Services And Win Public Contracts

Accenture To Boost Public Sector Reach Through Certus

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