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Public Spend Forum (PSF) is a public sector procurement global community and market intelligence platform dedicated to improving public procurement and the public sector market. On its website you will find articles, podcasts, opinion pieces, discussion trails and news stories. GovShop is its platform for finding and connecting suppliers with the public sector market.

Because No One is Coming - New forces join PSF to activate change

Because an open government market deserves to exist and thrive, new forces have joined Public Spend Forum on a mission to help governments around the world find a better way to do business. The only way to achieve this, they say, is through collaboration and a joint momentum. Effective immediately, the new Managing Partners of Public Spend Forum (PSF) are GovCity, #GovAIRS, The Bakery Creative and GovShop. Read more about the partnership and their mission here.

Online Marketplaces as a Key to Business Promotion

In this contribution, Dominic Beaulieu this week talks about the benefits of online or digital marketplaces for the government buyer and supplier. He sees it as a win-win option as the government can choose the best quality at the best cost along with saving local or state budget. And the start-up business can become more profitable and make a significant contribution to its reputation by obtaining and performing government orders. Read that here.

And in other news ...

Implementing robotics and RPA in the public sector

Another Whitehall digital chief leaves public sector for AWS - the Department for International Trade’s Director of Digital, Data and Technology takes up a public sector position at Amazon Web Services

Public sector losing user devices in high numbers FOI request reveals

National efficiency scheme costing ‘an arm and a leg’, say UK NHS trusts

Report showcases public sector AI use cases

Corruption a problem for 60% of Maltese companies says EC

Could AR/VR augment the public sector?

Drone (Regulation) Wars: U.S. And E.U. Face Off

Global Public Sector Outsourcing Market Status and Trend Report 2019

£40m overpaid with TfL's peak paper Travelcards


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