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Public Spend Forum (PSF) is a public sector procurement global community and market intelligence platform dedicated to improving public procurement and the public sector market. On its website you will find articles, podcasts, opinion pieces, discussion trails and news stories. GovShop is its platform for finding and connecting suppliers with the public sector market.

An introduction to winning in GovCon - webinar

On January 21 Public Spend Forum is hosting a webinar on how suppliers can get a piece of the government contract pie. Based on the US federal government's nearly half a billion dollars annual spend on contracts for goods and services, it has important tips for all. Aimed specifically at startups and small businesses with a commercially ready product or service, they will provide an overview of a previous full-day workshop and giving you immediate tips on how to position your company to close more government deals. Register here.

A look at the cyber supplier landscape - webinar 

And on January 23 PSF will host another webinar, this time on the emerging market of cyber suppliers and how you can quickly identify those with the right offerings and areas of expertise for your needs. As governments seek proven and innovative solutions to address a myriad of cyber threats, they are looking to potential partners, from larger, global companies to emerging companies and startups, for solutions and advice. This will discuss the market and show you how you can use GovShop to learn more about cyber suppliers. Register here.


And in other news ...

UK Home Office re-commits to AWS with £100m public cloud services deal

EU Magistrate Slams Hungary Rules for Foreign-Funded NGOs

NHS SBS says it should soon be certified to the PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line) electronic data interchange protocol

Should the public pay for the Big Ben Brexit Bells?

Phishing most common reason cited for cyber data breaches

"In Cobham we stand to lose yet another great British defence manufacturer to foreign ownership."

No 10 recruitment looks for "weirdos and misfits" policy experts and “unusual” mathematicians and computer scientists


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