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Public Spend Forum (PSF) is a public sector procurement global community and market intelligence platform dedicated to improving public procurement and the public sector market. On its website you will find articles, podcasts, opinion pieces, discussion trails and news stories. GovShop is its platform for finding and connecting suppliers with the public sector market.

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GovAIRS – a suite of training/mentoring, workshops and consulting services focused on market intelligence and procurement/acquisition. It helps government procurement and programme professionals by providing marketing intelligence training and services, and procurement innovation workshops, training and consulting to ensure the right "go to market" procurement strategies. It helps suppliers by providing in-depth industry training and services to help your company understand government markets and accelerate growth in the public sector marketplace.

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GovLabs -- a global procurement innovation community, bringing together government and other ecosystem participants (suppliers, academics, venture capital, accelerators, think tanks) to provide a place for collaboration, problem solving and creative solution development.  To date, tens of thousands of professionals in the public procurement global community have participated in or accessed our events and content.

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And in other news ...

A succinct guide to winning contracts – for suppliers

Public sector market awarded £93 billion in contracts in 2019

VORTAL - EU Public Procurement Directives delivered a great opportunity for rapid expansion in public sector

Coronavirus – Planning, Preparedness and Proactive Actions from supply chain experts Resilinc

Galliford Try secures 11 lots in £20bn govt procurement framework

ARCHIVER Pre-Commercial Procurement Tender calling companies specialised in archiving and data preservation, cloud services and data management

UK SME spending on the rise – but ‘ambition’ in question

The European Innovation Council (EIC) from ICLEI connects public buyers with innovation needs 

Socially Responsible & Green Public Procurement seminar (with a workshop on ISO 20400:2017)

Submission period now open for Procura+ Awards 2020

10 Cybersecurity Trends in 2020 You Need to Keep an Eye On

Grenfell architect with no experience of high-rises appointed without Ojeu, inquiry hears

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