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Public Spend Forum (PSF) is a public sector procurement global community and market intelligence platform dedicated to improving public procurement. GovShop is its free-to-use government market research tool for finding and connecting with suppliers. Here's the latest from PSF: 

Participate in the survey: Barriers to Entry in Government Markets

Public Spend Forum is conducting a global study into Barriers to Entry in Government Markets for suppliers.
Learn more about participating in the survey and listen to an honest discussion from suppliers about their experiences in the market here.

Global Leaders Exchange for Public Procurement

Public Spend Forum is excited to re-introduce the Global Leaders Exchange for Public Procurement meetings with a few new tools and frameworks they believe you can deploy right away within your organisations. Learn more about what's on the agenda and learn about the next Global Leaders Exchange virtual meetings – read more here.

What are the procurement lessons from the coronavirus pandemic?

Many of the issues which hampered the NHS’s ability to procure what it needed during the pandemic existed long before COVID-19. This article discusses issues that need to be addressed as a priority and makes a few suggestions about how we can do that, including appointing a “Minister of Government Efficiency.” Read about how we have been compounding age-old procurement problems.

Public Procurement Leaders Exchange

A meeting of different public sector leaders both in the US and Europe takes place regularly and is hosted by Public Spend Forum. At the most recent Jack Pellegrino, Director, Department of Purchasing & Contracting for the County of San Diego, and Danny Mays, Director of the Procurement Bureau for Maryland's Office of State Procurement, joined the discussion to share their experiences and learnings since the beginning of Covid to the transition towards setting up a path through the crisis. Listen here.

7MI Series – Essentials for Public Procurement

Public Spend Forum is running a series of articles on the 7 Economics and Market Intelligence Essentials for Public Procurement. Each one in the series will contain useful information via podcasts, written resources, templates and other materials. The series is a result of 20 years of work and research across the public and private sectors, and will be:

  • Focused on the fundamentals of how markets work and basics of economics
  • Fact-based and analytical as opposed to “hunches”
  • Collaborative and two way with an emphasis on early supplier engagement

Learn more here

And read number 2 in the series: 7MI Essentials – Organize Research Questions & Keywords


And in other news ...

South Africa is to earmark 40% of public procurement projects for women-owned businesses

UK NHS organisations and public sector bodies look to £75m savings on IT purchases through new procurement framework

New Delhi - artillery guns, assault rifles, AFVs —a list of 101 items MoD won’t import in the future

Buying artificial intelligence – a guide from the WEF

Outcry over £150m of worthless facemasks prompts spending inquiry by UK National Audit Office

Workshop on results of Europe-wide benchmarking of national innovation procurement investments

Procurement delay for £80M Manchester transport framework

Procurement begins on £1bn Trans-Pennine Project

UK Selects 20 Language Service Providers for USD 100m Contract

Thousands of UK public sector jobs to be created in recruitment drive

Newly created UK Data Standards Authority publishes first set of guidelines on the use and sharing of data across Whitehall

Procurement specialist launches UK-wide £500m solution to help education institutions


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