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Public Spend Forum (PSF) is a public sector procurement global community and market intelligence platform dedicated to improving public procurement. GovShop is its free-to-use government market research tool for finding and connecting with suppliers. Here's the latest: 

Use Machine Learning and Our Global DataSets to Rapidly Identify Qualified Suppliers

PSF has launched a new service: Assisted Market Research combines machine learning and GovShop’s global datasets to rapidly identify qualified suppliers and experts in as little as a day. By leveraging GovShop Data, technology and its market research expertise, PSF’s service can help you identify suppliers with the right fit, saving time on repetitive market research tasks, and give you access to data and a comprehensive list of companies and experts saving you time and money. Understand how it works here, and see how it has worked for others, including:

EMP - The purpose of the NATO Innovation Challenge is to tap into the minds of innovative people and teams to find more effective and efficient ways for NATO.

Working Dogs - We’ve been using GovShop to conduct research into this marketplace and have compiled the results into a market segmentation of the working dogs’ industry.

GovShop continues to respond to Covid-19

GovShop, powered by PSF’s expertise in data and procurement, is continuing to respond to Covid-19 issues. While GovShop includes data on suppliers across many categories and regions, this article is an example of how it has responded to the demand for cleaning/disinfecting products and services as offices open across the US, providing supplier verification, contract identification, and real-time inventory availability. Read that here.

FBI’s List of COVID-19 supplier fraud issues to watch out for

GovShop is part of the National Governors Association Task Force on the COVID-19 supply chain and was recently briefed by the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center on specific issues buyers should look for when purchasing personal protective equipment (PPE), medical equipment, and more.


And in other news ...

UK Procurement Policy Note – Recovery and Transition from COVID-19

Almost a quarter of councils in England reported fraud or corruption in procurement processes

Guidelines for AI procurement- best practice

Belgium: Legal guide to public contracting in light of the COVID-19 pandemic

Oil and Gas Engineering, Procurement and Construction Global Market Outlook to 2027

Exceptional measures to facilitate public procurement in the health sector in Portugal

French Naval Industry accelerates UAV procurement for French Navy as potential recovery plan

Praises for UK defence industry partnership in rising to meet the challenges of maintaining critical output during the coronavirus

Global spending on defence declines as governments allocate funds to reactivate economy: US, Asia, and Europe will remain the biggest consumers of defence products

UK invests £10m to tackle cyber security threats on digital devices and services

MoD loses £9m on wasteful payments

Government gives suppliers relief on CfD payments

Scotland declares ‘cloud first’ for public sector


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