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Public Spend Forum (PSF) is a public sector procurement global community and market intelligence platform dedicated to improving public procurement. GovShop is its free-to-use government market research tool for finding and connecting with suppliers. Here's the latest from PSF: 

Responding to COVID-19: Protective Barriers

While GovShop includes data on suppliers across many PPE related categories, this article highlights protective barriers like sneeze guards, partition posts, desk separators, cough screens, and plexiglass shields within its coronavirus (COVID‑19) dataset. Read it here.

Public Procurement Leaders Podcast

The Public Sector Heroes Podcast is back for its third season with a special guest, Fatema Hamdani, cofounder of Krause Hamdani Aerospace. In this episode, Hamdani discusses their recent record-breaking unmanned aerial vehicle flight at the Army's Yuma Proving Ground and how her team uses engineering innovations and biomimicry to fly their craft farther, longer, and better. Listen to it here.

7MI Series – Essentials for Public Procurement

Public Spend Forum is running a series of articles on the 7 Economics and Market Intelligence Essentials for Public Procurement. Each one in the series will contain useful information via podcasts, written resources, templates and other materials. The series is a result of 20 years of work and research across the public and private sectors, and will be:

  • Focused on the fundamentals of how markets work and basics of economics
  • Fact-based and analytical as opposed to “hunches”
  • Collaborative and two way with an emphasis on early supplier engagement

The first ‘Essential’ - #1 Understand the Need Before You Buy is here.

Recorded Webinar - Policy, Contract Strategies, and Data for the Small Business and the Government

A recording is now available of the webinar hosted by Public Spend Fourm with the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, a highly competitive program that encourages small businesses to engage in Federal Research/Research and Development (R/R&D) with the potential for commercialisation. The value of SBIRs, navigating the process, and how to search for and find this data on GovShop is valuable advice for all regions. Access it here.

Covid-19 verified supplier list

Public Spend Forum has been working with the National Governor's Association, the Defense Joint Task Force and a number of non-profit organisations, such as American Hospital Association, to "verify" suppliers and maintain/grow a list of over 3000 suppliers and 10,000 products related to Covid-19 supplies and services. Here’s how it works:

How you can search, download list and place requests:

  • Search on free GovShop Platform: Please visit to search list here
  • Place a request or RFP, directly on GovShop on this page. The team will use their matching algorithms to recommend suppliers as well as to disseminate the request to verified suppliers
  • Request List:  Please email to request a full list in Excel that you can search and filter and share with your state agencies
  • See latest updates including new suppliers, contracts here


And in other news ...

Romanian Government passes emergency ordinance simplifying public procurement procedures

Some lessons for construction and public procurement from Covid-19

EU-funded project launched to enhance Public Procurement of Innovative solutions (PPI) in Europe

Palantir’s NHS data store contract originally worth £1 extended for four months at a value of £1m

UK gov should clearly articulate strategy for making best use of public money as Brexit and Covid require huge procurement response

Less than a seventh of UK Gov’s 600 PPE contracts were published – we have no idea whether the total £5.5bn was well spent – need for transparency

Government to weigh proposal to streamline public procurement procedures - Budapest

CCR’s Challenge Fund harnesses the power of innovation in procurement - Wales

Ukraine to promote local content requirements in government procurement

UK MPs accuse the Ministry of Defence of a "lamentable" failure to properly fund new military equipment required for the armed forces

Remote working: caring for the health of public sector employees


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