Public Spend Matters Europe – Collaboration, Innovation and Cohesion

On Fridays we publish our rundown of posts from that week on our Public Spend Matters Europe site to keep you up to date with exciting and fascinating matters connected with European public sector procurement. However, having discovered that the previous week's post had not published, we were now a week behind,  so ran the previous week's summary -- so here's a summary of last week to keep us up to date. Do click through to the full article if you find it interesting:

The Arguments Against Collaboration – From Charlotte Pell of Vanguard Consulting

“This article argues that collaboration should not be a policy goal of government. Collaboration does not solve the problem of fragmented services. Focusing on collaboration wastes money, fosters compliance and creates a new layer of bureaucracy. Meanwhile, the true cause of fragmented services goes unaddressed. Collaboration has been a policy goal of the UK government since the election of Labour in 1997. It has become a central feature of policy initiatives, cross-agency funding and performance-reporting regimes.” This one certainly attracted some comments -- worth a look.

The Refugee Crisis In Europe - Might It Impact Public Procurement?

The prospects for 2016 suddenly look a lot more uncertain than they did two weeks ago. The global economy has been shocked by the collapse of share prices in China, with the London stock market (and others) dropping around 5% in the first week of the year. Political tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran has increased, which is another worry to both business and citizens in many countries. And the refugee / migrant issues facing Europe seem set to be a big part of the political and social agenda for the continent during the year ahead. With intentions such as “This is a crisis, so our own national interest overrides the EU” in terms of borders, it feels like a worrying time for European cohesion -- current events might even have an effect on the future of the European approach to public procurement too.

Pedro Telles and the Public Procurement Podcasts – Dr. Ramona Apostol on How to Improve Procurement of Innovation

Dr Pedro Telles continued his series of interviews, the Public Procurement Podcasts (PPP). Here, he is speaking to Dr. Ramona Apostol, a Senior Procurement Researcher with Corvers Procurement Services and a regular guest lecturer at various academic procurement programmes all over the world. This podcast is on the very hot topic of "procurement innovation" - that is, procurement of innovative goods and services, not doing procurement in an innovative manner, as we always explain to avoid possible confusion. Telles and Apostol start the interview by explaining why innovation is important in the context of public procurement.

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