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Here's our Friday rundown of  what we have published for you on our site dedicated to exciting and fascinating matters connected with European public sector procurement - Public Spend Matters Europe.  And before you even think about switching off ... around Europe, we are talking about well over a trillion Euros of money from taxpayers and citizens being spent by government and public sector bodies of some sort. Worth doing well, you might consider.

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EC Adopts ESPD to Further Simplify Public Procurement Across the EU

On January 5th, the European Commission released a statement that it had formally adopted the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD). This is basically an electronic self-declaration document to be submitted by suppliers/bidders interested in tendering for contracts for the supply of goods or services to public bodies anywhere in the European Union. The aim of the ESPD is "to simplify the qualification process for tendering by permitting businesses to self-declare that they meet the necessary regulatory criteria or commercial capability requirements of the public authority concerned, without needing to submit proof unless subsequently selected as the appointed contractor." It is also intended to considerably reduce the administrative tasks for companies, especially SMEs.

Pedro Telles Public Procurement Podcasts - Abby Semple on Procurement's Future

In another of the Public Procurement Podcasts series, Dr Pedro Telles talks to Abby Semple, a postgraduate student, public procurement lawyer, consultant and author of "A Practical Guide To Public Procurement". Semple is also an expert on sustainability in the procurement context. In the interview she and Telles talk about a number of issues, generally around the future of public procurement, and how it might look in 2025. They start by debating whether we will see more or fewer public contacts advertised.

Negotiation For The Public Sector - Insist On Using Objective Criteria

Negotiation is often critical during the delivery or contract management phase of contracts, where it may not be the procurement professionals who lead - or are even involved at all - in those supplier negotiations. Here we look at the principle of "Getting to Yes" (the book from Fisher and Ury of the Harvard Negotiation Project) "Insist on using objective criteria."  Too often negotiation becomes a struggle of wills; so the first step is to search for appropriate objective criteria, and then gain the agreement of both parties to using them ...

Early Contract Exit - Lessons Learned from Cornwall Council

We recently wrote about the case of Cornwall County Council in the UK  pulling out of a 10-year deal with BT (the telecoms giant) and how BT had failed in the high court to stop the council's decision on this multi-million-pound outsourcing contract. So it's interesting to read Best Practice Group's analysis of the announcement of the high court - a decision based on "convoluted contracts and missed KPIs." Early exit from contracts can be highly problematic and this article highlights how, in this case, the court found the relationship to be flawed in several ways, it explains how "BTC suffered ‘substantial problems’ in its performance ...

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