Public Spend Matters Europe – Highlights from this Week

Here is our Friday run down of  what we have published for you this week on our site dedicated to exciting and fascinating matters connected with European public sector procurement. And before you even think about switching off ... around Europe, we are talking about well over a trillion Euros of money from taxpayers and citizens being spent by government and public sector bodies of some sort. Worth doing well, you might consider.

Anyway, here are summaries of our features this week – do click though and read the full articles.

Transnational Institute Report Claims TTIP-CETA Deal Detrimental to Public Services

The controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership deal has returned to the forefront of public discussion. A recent report – Public Services under Attack -- by The Transnational Institute, claims that the TTIP and and the EU’s Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement with Canada are both harmful to public services. The EU believes the agreements will bring opportunities to enterprises on both sides of the Atlantic by opening up public procurement markets, but the report claims that these markets will only be dominated by the huge corporations lobbying the EU with “aggressive agendas,” while also limiting government abilities and citizens’ rights.

Single Market Scorecard - Public Procurement Rated Across Europe

Earlier this month, the European Commission published its “Single Market Scoreboard.” The section on Public Procurement is obviously the one that we turn to first. It looks at all the member states, and indeed a couple of others such as Norway and Iceland, and gives them a red / amber / green rating (or "unsatisfactory / average / satisfactory") against six key criteria. Those define in the Commission’s eyes how well the country is implementing public procurement principles. And here they are ...

Procurement of Innovation Awards - an Interview with one of the Judges

We recently highlighted the finalists for this year's Procurement of Innovation awards, and we are looking forward to discovering which will be the winner, due to be revealed at the European Assistance for Innovation Procurement event in Paris, 27 & 28 October. So, before that happens, we were fortunate to be able to ask a few questions of one of the award judges, to find out how the criteria is set. Wouter Stolwijk, Director of PIANOo, the tendering expertise centre in the Netherlands, kindly gave us some of his time.

Kirklees Council and Comoodle - Short-listed for Bloomberg Mayor's Challenge

We were interested to find that Kirklees County Council's name was among those shortlisted for the Bloomberg Philanthropies’ European Mayor’s Challenge which “aims to encourage local governments to develop innovative solutions to common challenges faced by cities today.” So we took the opportunity recently to talk to David Smith, an old friend and Director of Resources, about the award and their initiative to bring some of that social and sharing thinking into the public sector at a time of financial constraints.

David Smith of Kirklees Council - The Future for Procurement Professionals

Following on from part 1 above, David explained: “My new model for procurement is a role to protect the council’s long-term interests, by driving fair and reasonable terms and conditions within contracts but without stifling innovation from markets. Procurement will help to develop and manage joint ventures and other commercial mechanisms for us outside traditional procurement. And as the boundaries between voluntary and paid “providers” get more blurred, procurement will help to manage those boundaries and the providers in an appropriate manner

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