Public Spend Matters Europe – our new site launches today!

It’s an exciting day for us today. We launched Spend Matters Netherlands a while back, and Gert van der Heijden has done a brilliant job making that the site for procurement folk in that country.

But today we launch a new site and a significant initiative for us. Public Spend Matters Europe is available for you to view, read and enjoy here. The design as you will see is rather different from most of our previous Spend Matters sites. It is still a “blog” in that we will have at least one new lead article a day, and there is no set publication date for a “new issue”. However, it has some of the features of a “magazine” type publication, in that we can keep important articles visible on the front page for as long as we want and generally just have more content on view. More pictures too !

Good gracious, I hear you say. “Whatever could Public Spend Matters Europe be all about”? Well, yes, it does what it says on the tin. We aim to cover issues of importance to everyone working in and around public sector procurement, across Europe, including practitioners, suppliers, academics and policy makers. In fact, our key topic descriptors are:

  • Regulation and policy
  • Supply side (aimed at firms supplying the public sector)
  • People and skills
  • Tools and technology
  • Sector news (covering specific sectors and countries)
  • Good practice

That should cover pretty much anything! We believe the site can become a source of news and information, as well as discussion and comment, and we hope with the help of our contributors and readers we can in time have a positive effect on public procurement to some extent. That’s both in terms of influencing policy makers, and in helping to improve public procurement performance.

That’s a bold aim perhaps, but it strikes us that there is only a limited sharing of best practice across country borders in public procurement. There are some good conferences, but as I found in Lisbon earlier this year, there tend to be more academics than practitioners represented. So that wider communication of what works well in one place will be a key aim for us. A few more points.

1. We will rely heavily on guest writers and contributors – this isn’t all going to be written by me! That’s particularly true of news from around Europe – so anyone reading this who can do an occasional update on what is going on in public procurement in France, Italy, Latvia ... do let us know. And please comment on the new site, particularly if I’ve got my interpretation of some EU Directive all wrong!

2. The main language will be English but we are not averse to articles in other major European languages (which we can also translate into English).

3. Public sector matters that are purely of UK interest will still be featured on Spend Matters UK/Europe i.e. the site you are reading now. But if something has wider public sector implications or interest, beyond the UK , it is likely to be on the new site. So readers here who are interested in the public sector, you might want to bookmark and keep an eye on both – but we will cross-refer regularly to help make sure you don’t miss anything!

4. We are very grateful to Vortal, our first Lead Sponsor of the new site, and the leading public sector eProcurement provider in Portugal (as well as in Columbia and the Czech Republic). We are seeking further sponsors and advertisers – just drop me an email or use the contact form here or on the new site for further information.

Finally, thanks to Scott Sloane and his team who have done a great job developing the new site, and Nancy Clinton who has helped me populate it with content ready for the launch. (Nancy will be our Editor for both sites).

Oh yes, new Twitter account too for the site - @publicspendeu. Do follow us there as well as at @spendmattersuk

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  1. The Guitar Man:

    Good luck for this excellent venture. I’m sure it will be a great success!

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