Public Spend Matters Europe – the first week reviewed

Just in case you missed it, we launched a new website, Public Spend Matters Europe last week! Nancy, Jason, Scott (our technology guru) and I feel a bit like a proud parents (a pretty strange conception perhaps ...) so forgive our enthusiasm! We hope you like the design. It is quite different from this site, with more of a ”magazine” feel to it, more content visible and accessible easily, pictures and much more mobile and tablet friendly.

Why have we launched this? Well, the public sector around Europe spends something like 2 TRILLION Euros. So that’s really quite important, we think. It’s not just the amount of money – which all comes ultimately from us, the citizens – but what it buys: everything from the defence equipment to protect us, to care when we’re old or ill, to clever management consultants to work out how to spend the money better ... OK, so most of it is very important!

We’re writing about good practice, tools and technology, people and skills, regulatory matters, economic and specific sector news, and the supply side. So there is something here we hope for practitioners, academics, suppliers to the public sector and even policy makers and politicians perhaps.

One point of re-assurance. It certainly won’t all be Nancy Clinton, our Editor, and me doing the writing once we get into our stride. We want and need entertaining, illuminating guest writers from around Europe – we’re starting off in English but hope to have some articles in other major languages too. So if you have a viewpoint or knowledge you would like to communicate, do let us know. And we already have some exciting contributors from  the academic and practitioner world lined up.

We’d also like to get some debate going in the “comments” section, so please contribute to that. And of course, we will look for advertisers and sponsors. We’re not doing this to get rich, but appropriate funding will let us invest in making it a better site and producing more free resource for readers. And we’re very grateful to Vortal, the leading eProcurement firm in Portugal (and big in Colombia and the Czech Republic among other places too) who are our launch and lead sponsor.

So, if you did miss it, here is a list of the new articles published last week (in addition to the 20+ articles already loaded on launch day). Take a look and let us know what you think of the new site.

Small businesses – how can they win more government contracts?

Economic bad news, and learning to handle a deflationary environment

Scottish Independence – more procurement freedom?

Slovakia – Commission asked to investigate amazing contract success rate

Welcome to Public Spend Matters Europe

EU Regs – when is it OK to forget about competition?

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