All-Purpose Procurement Article Template – Delete As Appropriate!

After our recent pub debate (see video here and articles here) we are much pre-occupied by the thought that not only procurement executives but also procurement writers / thinkers might be redundant soon. So, it is imperative that we increase our own efficiency in order to compete with the power of AI and machine learning.

We have therefore devised this unique, all-purpose procurement blog. At certain key points, twelve in all, it gives a choice of three alternatives, which means there are no less than 3 to the power 12 combinations giving different articles here – 531441 articles amazingly, enough to keep us going for over 700 years! And we guarantee the end content is at least as good as the articles on procurement you find on certain websites now, written by people who have no clue what they’re talking about – just like our automated system!  So here we go.

Procurement at The Crossroads

In these days of (choose) economic uncertainty / political turmoil / Love Island dominating water-cooler conversation it is more important than ever that procurement / purchasing / sourcing executives contribute fully to their organisation’s bottom line profit / growth and revenue / ability to keep the Board out of prison.

In order to do that, we here at Spend Matters are clear that the single most important factor for procurement / purchasing / sourcing to consider is use of technology / staff skills and knowledge / the ability to choose suppliers who still believe in long, alcoholic lunches.  As procurement has developed, we are no longer seen as transactional paper pushers / tough negotiators without behavioural skills / half-dead bureaucratic zombies.

Instead, the profession, with the help of professional bodies such as CIPS / insight from sites like Spend Matters / copious quantities of alcohol, Ibuprofen and chocolate is making real progress in being seen as a strategic contributor. Indeed, in some organisations, we now see CPOs and procurement leaders sitting on the Board / acting as real value-generators / escaping with just a suspended sentence.

But this isn’t enough. For the profession to survive / move to the next level / become rulers of the universe, we need to fight off the future challenges such as robotics and AI / internal stakeholders taking on procurement tasks / giant bees trying to suck nectar from our supplier databases. The bees! The bees!

We are confident though that procurement will come through the challenges again. After all, over the years, we moved from carbon paper to eProcurement / phone directories to Koble / Christmas hampers from suppliers to paying for our own coffee on supplier visits. But that requires all of us to play our part in moving the profession forward. And that’s why we think it is critically important that everyone should buy our software / come to our conference / read our lovely Spend Matters website.  

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