Putting Suppliers at the Centre of Your Organisation – Paper Available for Download Now!

We mentioned last week our webinar, based on the first session in this year’s Real World Procurement Series with BravoSolution. It’s titled “Putting Suppliers at the Centre of Your Organisation” and you can access it here.

Well, you can now get a briefing paper (with the same title) which goes into the issues in more detail and gives you a permanent record of the thinking behind our live session and the webinar. It covers issues such as the way the focus of procurement has developed over the years, supplier lifecycle management, and the methods through which organisations can capture competitive advantage from their supply base.

You can download it now from the BravoSolution website, free on registration. We’ve given a short extract below just to whet your appetite, if it needs whetting (odd word, whetting …)

And do remember that the next Real World Procurement event is on April 13th in London, 11am – 2pm. Guy Allen will talk about “Driving Value from your Sourcing Process” – you can book here.


Putting Suppliers at the Centre of Your Organisation

In this briefing paper, we consider the importance of suppliers to almost every organisation, and look at how procurement professionals can ensure they are doing everything they can to maximise the value generated for the organisation by these suppliers.

That exposes a somewhat surprising disconnect between what is said by procurement people and organisations, and what is actually done. Much procurement thinking certainly does not put suppliers at the centre of the processes that are in place, but in this paper we look at why that is a sensible approach, what it would mean for organisations and the benefits it can bring.

At an intellectual level, procurement professionals understand how important suppliers are to their organisations and to their own success. If suppliers do not perform, the blame from any budget holder or other stakeholder whose own job is impacted by those suppliers will generally be spread between the supplier and the procurement people who chose the supplier, agreed the contract or failed to manage the agreement properly.

Yet that theoretical understanding does not in many cases translate into behaviour. Procurement people and indeed organisations more generally often treat suppliers as an inconvenience, an annoyance or even an opponent. But for the vast majority of organisations, suppliers are central to their very existence, and to their success or failure.

….  So for almost every organisation, the importance of suppliers means that supplier management should sit at the heart of procurement and supply chain strategic thinking and operational management. Many organisations, however, do not reflect this in their behaviour. That is often true for both the professional procurement function and practitioners, and for the wider organisation.  One reason for that may be the traditional way in which procurement has looked at what it does.

(Download the Paper now to read on!)




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