Putting Suppliers at the Centre of Your Organisation – Webinar Available Now

We ran a Real World Procurement live session in both London and Dubai recently with the title "Putting Your Suppliers at the Centre of Procurement Value". We then ran two webinars a couple of weeks ago covering the same topic but somewhat abbreviated. That webinar is now available for you to listen to and watch (you get nice slides, not pictures of me presenting) at the BravoSolution website here - free on registration.

The discussion is a mix of the conceptual and the practical. Conceptually, we're arguing that procurement functions and people need to think about the supplier as the most fundamental element in our procurement world. The legal contract, category management processes, skills and capabilities -- they are important of course, but when you think about it, they are all really enablers to help us achieve the fundamental objective, which is to get the maximum possible value from our suppliers.

The ultimate goal (in the private sector at least) is competitive advantage, and for many organisations, suppliers may well contribute more to the achievement of such advantage than our own internal staff. And we cover more around what that really means in the webinar.

We also get into some more practical advice in the webinar. One big issue - and this came up in the excellent Q&A we had after the first webinar - is how we convince our internal stakeholders to look at suppliers in that way too. So one tool we have included is a simple questionnaire that gets you - or your colleagues - to think about how suppliers might perceive your organisation.

That may point out areas where taking this more focused "supplier lifecycle" approach might both make life for your suppliers better and lead to you getting more benefit back from them too. The questions may well get your colleagues looking at things in a different way compared to their usual stance, particularly if they fall into the category of people who think suppliers are just a nuisance! Anyway, take a look and listen at the webinar, the presentation only lasts about 25 minutes but should have some value for most procurement professionals.

And remember, the next in our Real World Procurement series is on April 13th with my friend, colleague and ex CPO Guy Allen looking at "Driving Value from your Sourcing Process”. He will be looking at the end-to-end sourcing process, with both a “refresher” overview of the key elements and issues linked to the process and some leading new thinking on the topic. That will include discussions around using specialised sourcing techniques, and on the key issue of competition, which lies at the heart of successful sourcing.

It's at the Smith & Wollensky restaurant off the Strand in London, from 11am-2pm, and the very reasonable fee includes an excellent networking lunch as well as the workshop itself. You can book here; the last session was a sell-out, so don’t delay.

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