Q: Are you wasting time and money on technology RFPs? A: Probably!

Greetings from Chicago, land of forever winter. We have several new free research downloads (including the one responsible for the title of this post), some others you should download quickly before they float off to back behind the paywall, and more US procurement news.

Brand new research: get it while it's hot!

Last chance to download for free:

We have two new webinar recordings for your viewing pleasure: one if you happen to be interested in the US Federal Government's SupplierPay initiative and how it's affecting early payment opportunities for small businesses, and the other on why procurement should really take a good long think about the circular economy.

On the blog:

Let's talk about some of the big, fat, juicy, global sourcing lies that are out there.

Who's down with RFPs? Every Last Technology Homie

Supplier enablement for trade financing can be hard - but it doesn't have to be.

Sourcing is also hard - here are some lessons from the school of hard retail sourcing knocks.

How quickly does supplier information go stale?

And finally, we continue our ongoing interviews with ThomasNet and ISM's "30 under 30" Supply Chain Stars, speaking to Katy Conrad Maynor, Category Manager, Finished Lubricants/B2B with Shell Oil.

In music, let's go back to 1970 to the recently re-issued Trout Steel by Mike Cooper (whose infamy mostly comes from the fact that he turned down an offer to be a member of The Rolling Stones). Instead, he brings us these lovely Dylan meets Nick Drake meets Van Morrison with gorgeous harmonic overtones gems:

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