QOTW of the week; what d’ya think of the new Supply Management mag?

I did speak to someone yesterday who "hadn't noticed" that his Supply Management magazine was different or indeed had moved to monthly basis! But most CIPS members will know that it has been re-launched, thicker and glossier, but with a less frequent publishing cycle.

So..what do you think? An improvement? How are the expanded sections such as the legal pages and international coverage? Do you like the contemporary design touches (white on black text etc)?  If you are a (potential or current) advertiser rather than a general reader, how does it look for you? (Have they put the rates up?)

Please let us have your opinions. I have my own views, (and you may be surprised..) so I'll give you those on Friday when we'll also feature your comments.

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  1. Final Furlong:

    Well said. It will soon include ‘exclusives’ on those procurement people that are sleeping with each other (most unlikely), or those caught on camera, completely inebriated, leaving a hotel nightclub (very likely). I really wouldn’t want to even guess what they might do with page 3.

    I think that it’s fair to say that one must look elsewhere in other rags for the more cerebral snippets. SM must now appeal to a very diverse 60,000 readership.

    For me, the high quality (not-so-eco-friendly) glossy finish has now made it (almost) impossible to cut into squares for use in the en-suite to the guest bedroom. I say ‘almost’ because some of our guests are Scottish…

  2. Kim Godwin:

    I did notice the difference when the new monthly Supply Management popped through the letter box but as soon as I opened the covers……..it was the same old mag with a different gloss, and it went the same way into the recycling bin after a cursory look. I’ll be interested in seeing what subsequent versions are like, but I hope it’s more than the digest of snippets of procurement news from across the many sectors. I do wonder whether this type of journalism is now better suited to other media and that the transition to the monthly format could have heralded a more educational and informative agenda.
    The articles that I read continue to be written by people with vested interests and a high level perspective. No incisive or informative editorial content. Nothing sparkling in terms of content or perspective. Just articles that lack in-depth analysis, content or new thinking to differentiate this new issue of the mag from being anything other than a less frequent publication of the old one.

  3. Flog:

    Bits I like, bits I don’t. I don’t like the perfect binding, it doesn’t open easily on the desk when (trying to) read it while having a coffee, the two staples were much more practical. The perfect binds means, as far as I know that it can’t now ge chucked into the recycling bin, of course tearing the perfect binding could help with one’s stress management programme.

    It looks bigger, wider, but when set against an old one, it’s actually the same size – an optical illusion. It has increased from 48 to 60 pages however, without counting the words, I’m not sure that there’s 25% more content. I get the impression of less words/content. Mind you, as they say, it’s the quality and not the quantity that counts.

    My initial feeling is that it doesn’t grab my attention any more than the old style did; it hasn’t made me want to read it any more. I’m not too keen on the white text on dark backgrounds and the frequent use of what looks like bold text is too garish for me (plus the colour/bold just reflects the flourescent lights and make it awkward to read (when it sits on your desk and you’re nibbling a tuna sarnie)

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