The Queen’s Jubilee – singing in the rain?

We're into our long weekend, Queen's Jubilee holiday now in the UK, especially designed to ensure the UK stays in recession for another quarter by depressing industrial production. And the weather played its part yesterday - we were at a music / arts festival in London, and we had a demonstration of every type of rain from fine drizzle through to torrential downpours over the 10 hours or so.

No, really, I shouldn't be negative. Let's enjoy ourselves... and we'll be back with a serious post or two tomorrow (although that's also a holiday here).

But in the meantime, don't forget our procurement milestones competition (see the previous post), and here are two alternative musical expressions of what monarchy is all about...

Firstly, the Proms.

Then.. yes, you've guessed. I was at University when this came out, and remember going to buy it from the Andy's Records market stall, heart racing, and feeling very daring! (It was banned from the BBC and many shops refused to stock it). It's hard for youngsters to imagine how subversive this seemed, and how the authorities were really worried that punk was something that threatened the whole fabric of conventional life. And now Johnny Rotten advertises butter ..

Still a great rock song though!

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