A quick CIPS update

As you may have seen in the comments section, the changes proposed to the CIPS governance structure were passed convincingly last week. Over 300 votes were received - not great, but not bad I would say - and around 90% were in favour of change.

Well done to those who put the proposals together and argued for the changes - we'll come back to this and give some views on what it means for CIPS and others in the procurement eco-system no doubt at a later date.

CIPS also announced in the last couple of days that they've entered recruitment partnerships with three firms - Langley Search & Selection, Barclay Meade and Hays. It's not clear yet exactly what this may entail for CIPS, those firms or members - there is some talk for instance of these firms offering help, advice and market information to members, but we don't know what this means in practice. We'll try and find out and get back to you...

CIPS and GPA went their separate ways a while ago after a previous CIPS attempt at a recruitment joint venture, so it will be interesting to see how this new strategy pans out. Congratulations to the three successful firms anyway!

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