Spend Matters, Amex, Copenhagen; quite a week, and thanks for your support

It has been quite a week, with our launch of Spend Matters UK /Europe, presentation delivered to the American Express event (still more to come on that) and trip to Copenhagen for the Danish Federation of Knowledge Advisers conference.  So many thanks to everyone who has made positive comments on the Blog, and to the attendees in London and Copenhagen who were very good audiences and well behaved (apart from a certain Mr Busch who asked the 'killer question' at the Amex event)!

Over the 25 years I've been travelling on business, I've developed the view that the Danes seem temperamentally as close to the Brits as any European population.  I hope they will take that as a compliment!  I've always felt very comfortable and at home in Denmark; I could happily live in Copenhagen - the language might be a bit of an issue I suppose, but everybody seems to speak perfect English...

On that note, after I delivered my speech at the event, there was a panel discussion with four  Danes from the industry.  It was in Danish of course, so it was a bit disconcerting to listen to a stream of conversation which I couldn't understand at all, other than hearing the words  'Peter Smith' every now and again.  I hoped they were saying good things about my presentation rather than, "and of course, Peter Smith spoke total rubbish..."!

Anyway, Jason wrote a great piece here covering the launch, including  a little about Intenda, our first lead sponsors.  He also describes one of the areas he and I want to cover here over the next few weeks; a sort of 'status report' in terms of procurement technology.  I'll let you read his comments rather than repeating them here, but just to say I'm looking forward to picking his brain on these issues to improve my own knowledge and understanding, and we hope it might do the same for many of our readers.

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