Read this before you write an EDI, supplier network, or e-invoicing RFP

If I've timed this post correctly, then everybody in the UK should have about 6 hours to register to attend today's webinar, Writing an EDI, Supplier Network or E-Invoicing RFP? Must Ask Questions!, with Jason Busch. He says attendees can expect to gain:

  • A list of key questions to help frame and determine their overall supplier connectivity strategy
  • An understanding of the different roles of EDI, supplier network, platforms and connectivity approaches
  • An introduction to different connectivity standards and connectivity models (machine-to-machine, portal, etc.)
  • The difference between applications (e.g., eProcurement, e-invoicing) and connectivity on-ramps and networks
  • Whether (and how) to separate out application decisions from connectivity decisions
  • An explanation of the network and application "lock-in" strategies that SAP/Ariba are driving customers towards
  • A shortlist of various providers to consider based on different requirements

(And that's all in just 30 minutes!) Needless to say, we hope to see you there.

On a similar note, we're running the bigger and badder version of this webinar next week, and you're welcome to join us then as well: What’s New in Supplier Enablement: Beyond EDI and E-Invoicing.

On the blog this week:

Jason Busch thinks there's another bubble forming around procurement solutions, and talks about why when he discusses blur Group: Let's get foamy.

We tell a janitorial procurement horror story. (Have one of your own? Tell us about it!)

Know your editor: Public Spend Forum's executive editor Jonathan Messinger gives his scariest book recommendations.

And finally, Pierre Mitchell gets a bit political:

You won't be hearing from me next week because I'll be getting ready to celebrate my entrance into a lifetime of wedded bliss. Here's a shout-out to our wedding DJs, Windy City Soul Club, who are only going to play soul 45s!

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