Reader Discounts on Two Recommended Procurement Books

Our thanks to publishers Kogan Page for offering special discounts to Spend Matters readers on two of their recent procurement books. This is a limited time offer and expires on October 31st, so don’t hang about!

We reviewed (positively) the second edition of Caroline Booth’s book here. If you want to buy Strategic Procurement: Organizing Suppliers and Supply Chains for Competitive Advantage, then go to the Kogan Page website here and use the code SPEND15SP to get your 20% discount.

We can also offer a similar discount on another new book from that publisher. “Strategic sourcing and Category Management; Lessons Learned at IKEA” by Magnus Carlsson. We will have a full review shortly, but from our initial skim through, this is in our experience a truly unique publication. I can’t think of another that has looked in such detail, with such a practical focus, at just how an absolute “best practice” organisation – IKEA in this case – carries out its procurement and supply chain activities.

Carlsson worked for IKEA for 25 years in senior category management and supply chain roles, (without ever being CPO by the look of it), and has also worked in the academic and training worlds, so knows how to communicate the ideas developed by IKEA in a clear manner. The level of honesty, detail and insight into how IKEA manages its category management process, suppliers and key markets looks quite remarkable, giving a very clear picture of just how IKEA has succeeded in revolutionising the furniture market.

Anyway, we will have the full review shortly, but I can thoroughly recommend the book already – you can buy it here and the code for your discount in this case is SPEND15SS.

And thanks to Kogan Page for the offer!

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