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We take a look at comments you posted last week on our articles (comments were a bit light this week, make sure to get involved in the discussion!)

Please Consider Appropriateness When Writing for the Procurement Audience! [Plus+]

We discuss one of the main problems we find in papers typically produced by consulting firms, software providers, and others in the industry: paying no attention to the concept of appropriateness. [This is Spend Matters Plus+ Content]

Barbara Ardell agreed with what we had to say:

“I couldn’t agree more! Businesses are so different even within one company. At P&G, purchasing for diapers was much different than purchasing for beauty care products due to the difference in the cost of goods relative to profit and other strategic priorities.

I’m all for tools, templates and best practices but it sometimes seems that we use them mindlessly without judging their appropriateness for our situation, Thanks for the caution and reminder. “

Matt Denham leaves Xchanging to take up top Crown Commercial Service post

We discuss the appointment of Matt Denham as the new Director of Commercial Delivery of CCS, and Sally Collier becoming its Chief Executive and Accounting Officer.

Bill Atthetill was not pleased about the announcement of the new positions:

“I’m baffled by much of this to be honest. Not that they found a credible individual (on paper) to drive forward their Commercial activities, though I’m hoping he accepted the position with his eyes wide open (having undertaken his own due diligence rather than simply listening to the sales spin…).

No, what baffles me is the way in which a large number of the current Cabinet Office staff have simply been slotted into key posts without any competition or formal recruitment. How can they make someone a Chief Executive without testing the market for any potential candidates? Ditto, a new Chairman? This is going to be an organisation of circa 1,000 staff influencing £20 billion per annum. How can they be so arrogant? There are many other key posts which will be occupied by CO staff without any formal recruitment process (many of whom are still on secondment from their core Departments, like the DWP…). This is wrong in so many ways. “

Dan had the same thoughts:

“I’m confused. I thought it was an unwritten rule that in order to be appointed a top commercial person in government you needed to have worked for Accenture, and yet you haven’t mentioned them anywhere? “

Food adulteration – fancy some meat slurry, cheese analogue or isopropanol?

Results from a recent report on food composition by the trading standards team in West Yorkshire suggest we should perhaps be doing more checking of what is actually in our foodstuffs.

Final Furlong made us choke on our “less than 50% cheese” cheese pizza (read the article to get the joke!) with this one:

“They eat their own kids in West Yorkshire, so these are simply minor additives (forgive the pun)...”

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