Readers’ comments and weekend reading (Government IT and the CIPS Review)

We've had some great comments this week on issues as varied as Commissioning, innovation and difficult CEOs - we plan to re-vist some of those topics next week and pick up on those comments. There was also a good LinkedIn debate about our posts on the Met Police and hospitality registers which we'll also feature next week. Many thanks though to everyone who has contributed.

Knowing that our readers like nothing better on a warm summer's weekend than some serious procurement reading, we thought we'd give a couple of recommendations that relate to stories we'll also be covering next week. So if you feel like it, here's the UK parliament's public administration committee report into Government IT procurement and projects, provocatively titled, "A Recipe for Rip-Offs"!

As Michael Savage reported in the Times yesterday,

"The Public Administration Select Committee wants an immediate independent inquiry into whether Whitehall’s main contractors are pushing out smaller, cheaper operators. In a damning assessment of the “appalling” record of successive governments, it will accuse ministers of wasting “obscene” sums by agreeing to pay up to ten times more than private sector companies would for major projects".

And on a lighter and happier note, here is the CIPS Annual Review for 2010 - the first time one has been produced in this format, and it's an impressive document.

We won't be relaxing completely over the weekend - as well as preparing features on these and other stories, we're only as month away from the Reading Festival, our annual pilgrimage to identify the hottest new bands around and admire some older favourites.  So starting tomorrow, for the next four weekends we'll be featuring some of the bands playing Reading who are worth looking out for if you're going (and I know some readers are..) or indeed you just want to check out some new names.

Have a good weekend!

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