Readers, Writers, Colleagues – Thanks to Everyone!

I’m coming to the end of my time as Managing Editor of Spend Matters UK/Europe, so please forgive my indulgence as I say thank you to those who have made the last eight years stimulating, enjoyable and educational.

I thanked our sponsors yesterday, but the two other key stakeholder groups are our readers and our contributors. Our readers make it all worthwhile – that’s a cliché, I know, but is true. When I meet people I don’t know at conferences for instance and they say “I really enjoy reading Spend Matters” then it does make it all worthwhile!

Particular thanks to everyone who has commented on articles – I won’t name them all, indeed in some cases (Bitter and Twisted) we never worked out exactly who they were! But the comments have often been the most interesting thing on the site to be honest, so sincere thanks to all of you who took the time to get involved. And I think we ran some really good interviews too, so thanks to people who agreed to be featured in that way.

We also published many excellent guest articles, both from people on the industry side and also from practitioners. Again, many of those were real highlights – I remember the great articles from Sigi Osagie, from David Atkinson, Ian George, Chris Lonsdale, Jo Meehan, Jonathan O’Brien …. And many more. Thanks so much for your contributions.


Then we have my esteemed colleagues.  I must make special mention of three – Jason Busch was of course the founder of Spend Matters in the US and co-founder here. He has been a great business partner, leaving me alone most of the time (!) but we would never have succeeded here without his pioneering work in the US, his knowledge of the solution provider industry and his massive and unrivalled understanding of procurement technology.

He is also very fond of beer and red wine, which provided many opportunities for us to enjoy each other’s company socially, often along with our friends in the industry.

Sheena Moore – now Smith (no, she didn’t become the second Mr Peter Smith, she married another Smith, Jason, which was a little confusing) joined Jason Busch around the time we started here and has always been my key contact in the US office and has become a friend as well.  She has been unfailingly positive, insightful, helpful and thoughtful, got things done for us that needed input from the US team, and also provided tips on music, rowing and doing up Chicago property!

Finally, working with my closest colleague, Nancy Clinton, Spend Matters UK/Europe Publishing Director, has been an absolute pleasure for the last five years or so.

She is a highly professional editor, a talented writer, much more organised than me, and has a way of dealing with people that makes her perfectly suited (for instance) to telling a guest writer we don’t like their article! I won’t list her qualities at greater length (it would go on a bit) and embarrass her here, but she has just been a joy to work with, and the best colleague anyone could imagine.

I’m sure those three will all remain friends for many years to come (I hope so anyway), and I must not forget other Spend Matters colleagues such as Scott Slone – a tower of strength and support on tech matters – and Pierre Mitchell and Michael Lamoureux – two of the very cleverest people I have met in the procurement world. Thanks also to Lisa Reisman of course, a tower of common sense, to Andrew, Brianna, Taras and all the rest of the excellent US team.

Apologies to anyone I have missed, but thanks again to everyone who has supported Spend Matters. I may even pop up here again from time to time, you never know, but please link with me on LinkedIn if you feel so inclined or follow @gpetersmith on Twitter. I will be back anyway between Christmas and New Year with my top albums of the last decade feature, and a couple of other articles probably, but I wanted to do these “thank yous” properly now before the holiday kicks in.

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