Reading Festival bands to watch – part 2 – Indie

We featured "rock" last weekend, so today it is "Indie". That's a pretty broad church these days, but here are a few bands in that category as far as we're concerned anyway who are well worth checking out if you're going to Reading Festival (or indeed Leeds) this year.

As we’re going for lesser known, we shouldn’t really mention the Joy Formidable who have made something of a breakthrough this year and now open the main stage on Saturday, but let’s just say they’re great – how 3 people including a tiny blonde girl guitarist / singer can make SUCH A LOT OF NOISE is amazing. Good noise though.

So onto our three "ones to watch".

On Friday, the Festival Republic Stage,  5.30pm we have the Antlers. Their last but one release was a critically acclaimed concept album called Hospice  - their latest, Burst Apart, is a lot  more cheerful, with some very beautiful moments. Very atmospheric stuff, with hints of the National, Flaming Lips - varied but always thoughtful indie-rock and should go down well particularly if they get a sunny late afternoon.

Grouplove (Saturday, Festival Republic, 3pm)  have a great back-story involving love at first sight, an artist’s commune in Greece, transatlantic commuting, and they make passionate indie-pop music with lovely harmonies. They look like they’ll be good live too...

Spector are asking for trouble naming themselves after an all-time musical great (and convicted killer) but this track suggests they might just pull it off. They’re getting airplay on Radio 1 and Radio 2 and the lead singer's Dad is (we are told by reliable sources) well known to civil servants across Whitehall... They’re on the BBC Introducing stage (the little open air one in the middle of the Reading arena) at 7.15pm on Saturday.


Others to look out for – Cloud Control, Little Comets, Smith Westerns, Royal Bangs... generally, the Festival Republic tent is the place to hear new indie bands who in a few years might just be headlining the main stage!

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  1. ian peter freeley:

    Are the stage times genuine, if so how do you know them?

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