Reading Festival headliners and more…

I was going to do a music post at the weekend and (hand on heart, honest guv) predict these headliners for Reading and Leeds Festivals:


My Chemical Romance

The Strokes

And I didn't get round to it.  So I'll do it now, but some of you will know that there have been rumours today...  Don't know if this is accurate but don't look if you want the excitement of listening to Radio 1 tonight for the official announcement...
Thanks to a regular reader and good friend for the tip!

Update - obviously this (previous link) was genuine. Pretty good line up although you shouldn't really do Reading / Leeds for the headliners; it's the opportunity to see bands who will be huge in a few years in a not-packed tent at 3 in the afternoon that I love.  Florence and the Machine 3 years ago comes to mind... and the Mumfords last year when it became clear that they had some sort of magical hold over the entire  population of the world... And Spend Matters will be hosting an impromptu 'corporate hospitality' event at the Festival Republic bar at Reading, 3pm on the Sunday by the way....

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