Reading Festival Preview – the final part

We’ve had indie, rock and punk / ska, so in our last Reading Festival preview, here are three artists who are somewhat hard to categorise. Only 6 days to go!

The organisers have made a couple of big mistakes with the scheduling, and none bigger than putting 20 –year old Ed Sheeran in the Festival Republic tent (the smallest) on Sunday at 8.25 pm. His single, “The A Team” has been huge this year and his blend of strong singer-songwriter guitarist tradition with an element of dub / hip-hop attitude has gone down a storm with the 15 – 25 year olds, Reading’s core demographic. So the tent is going to be PACKED. Get there early.

Mariachi El Bronx is the guys who make up the hardcore punk band The Bronx, but playing Mexican Mariachi music (strings, brass, lots of emotion).

It sounds mad but it works – and in the Festival Republic tent at 3.50pm on Saturday they could be brilliantly atmospheric. Think of a joyful Latino wedding reception...

Finally, Benjamin Francis Leftwich is another young, English singer songwriter, a bit gentler than Sheeran, but very talented (think Damien Rice, Ryan Adams?)  If the stresses and strains of Reading are getting to you by 4pm on the Sunday – Festival Republic tent again – then I recommend a sit down, a chill out, and maybe (certainly in my case) a bit of a snooze. (That’s not a criticism of Leftwich by the way)!

And finally, here are the links to three Spotify play lists my daughter has put together – avoiding the bigger bands.  Enjoy...

Main stage

NME stage

Festival Republic


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