Real World Procurement – Putting Suppliers at the Centre of your Organisation


Our Real World Procurement series of workshops, supported by BravoSolution, is back for 2016, with a set of topics that really gets to the heart of what matters in procurement. The sessions are delivered by Guy Allen – ex CPO of Santander and Fujitsu – and me, and we will be covering these topics this year.

Putting Suppliers at the Centre of your Organisation               (24th February)

Driving Value from your Sourcing Process                                  (13th April)

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of S2P Implementation                      (25th May)

Next Generation Supplier Management                                        (14th September)

Nurturing Procurement Talent in the Millennial Era              (12th October)

Proving your Procurement Value                                                    (30th November)


So the first is on February 24th (you can book here) and I’ll be looking at “Putting Suppliers at the Centre of your Organisation” at the Smith and Wollensky restaurant from 11.00am.

What does that title mean? Well, it is not just a platitude; or perhaps we should say it shouldn’t be just a platitude. Suppliers are central to the success of just about every organisation, yet they aren’t always treated as such. Indeed, some buyers, and many stakeholders, probably see them as a nuisance rather than a critical asset!

We’ll be talking about supplier lifecycle management and what that means; that’s a term that is used more than it is understood, we suspect. And perhaps even more importantly, we will get into supplier value management and competitive advantage. Does your organisation understand the different contributions to value that your suppliers make? Are you doing the right things to maximise that contribution?

The sessions are interactive, and without giving too much away, we’ll be asking delegates to put themselves in the shoes of a supplier and think about how their organisation might look from the supply side. That should be interesting!

We start with coffee at 11am, the working session is followed by lunch, with a chance to network and discuss the topic further with other delegates. I’ll wrap up over coffee with some final thoughts, and we finish around 2pm. We hope to see you there.

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