Real World Procurement – Are Millennials Really That Different?

Last week the latest in our BravoSolution Real World Procurement series took place with Guy Allen talking about Nurturing Procurement Talent In The Millennial Age.

A usual, it was an interesting and enjoyable session with lots of audience involvement. And it was good to see some old friends there too, like Mike Campbell, who was an excellent executive director at CIPS for years when I was heavily involved with the Institute. He now works for ArcBlue – the firm that used to be PMMS.

Anyway, Guy talked about the results of a survey that he and BravoSolution carried out, which looked at the views of Millennials – those born between around 1980 and 1994, and other age groups. In some ways, the survey suggested Millennials are less different than we might think. Indeed, the big topic for debate was this; whilst 25 year olds may think somewhat differently from 50 year olds, are they very different from how my generation were when we were 25?

We wanted fulfilling careers, we were looking for enough financial stability to buy our first home (much easier then than now), and yes, we probably had a few thoughts about “saving the world”. Technology was not the same central part of our lives as it is for all of us now, but many of us faced economic times as challenging as today (if not more so).

But there are some eternal truths if you are looking to recruit, motivate and retain good people. You need to pay a competitive salary. You need to provide interesting jobs, with the prospect of personal development, growth and progression. Guy spoke of his personal hatred for "battery farm" open-plan offices and we talked about  how the working environment might play to Millennials natural tendency to collaborate easily and openly. You need to treat people well – we talked at the session about how badly some firms handle the requirement process. Hardly something that is going to impress potential recruits, or even those that do fight their way through it.

Anyway, you can get hold of Guy’s slides here, and he will be featuring this topic in a webinar on November 2nd at 10am and 4pm (UK time).  You can book here…


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